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​To set Awareness Rehabilitation Centre benchmarks Recovery Followup (Any type of problem to live life and help advice to give or counseling) and set new ones again with regards to delivering care. Our absolute focus is getting National and International recognition, delivering the highest standards of Awareness Rehabilitation Centre and providing a platform to caring professionals who think it is more than a profession but a great way to serve humanity and help people achieve complete wellness and quality life. Awareness Rehabilitation Centre is a Luxury and the Best way to live Life without any types of Drugs and Alcohol.

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Our mission is Addiction Free India to provide exceptional, comprehensive, preventive and rehabilitative mental health services that are educational, counseling,12 steps program, therapeutic, personalized and affordable to our patients and their families so that they regain hope and health in a sensitive and supportive environment.
Well-equipped with cutting-edge tools and a team of highly qualified competent doctors, well-trained counselors having experience of curing mental issues with varied level of complexity, Awareness Rehabilitation Centre is a pioneer in providing comprehensive mental healthcare services and solutions under one roof. Each patients get the specialized attention of doctors and a well-trained counselor's quick recovery. All our services match up to the international standards of medical excellence and cost only a fraction of it. We are accredited with the best of certifications for our successful track record and high-quality services, For this, We can also support the world no 1 searches engines Google 5 stars Rating for Luxury facility till date.

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We have an exclusive Rehabilitation Centre to Drugs addict and alcoholics with different issues. Our Rehabilitation Centre treatment procedure begins with screening, assessment and ends with chalking out a curing plan specific to the individual’s problems. We are well-organized and you can rest assured that you will be in the safest pair of hands. We have an efficient and effective aftercare program,12 steps program, Therapy community, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Pet therapy many more as well so that the Drugs addict and alcoholics stay encouraged and adapt quickly to the environment and recover.

We also run a community outreach program to help the underprivileged with any mental issues that they might have.

Trust us and that is all you have to do. We have got your back and we will partner with you to see you through the difficult phase in your life. To know more about our services...


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The natural history of Addiction involves recurrent cycles of Relapse and Recovery. In recent years, Doctors have begun recognizing that Addiction is a manageable but chronic disease, just like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension. Because it is a chronic, Relapsing Disease, But Relapse is the part of Recovery. The treatment is not only one way. Many more way to exit the Addiction. As per WHO this Disease is medically F9 categorize "Killer" Disease approx since 1936. After using Drugs (alcohol). Our brain release the Dopamine Toxin as per Doctor's opinion.He is ENJOY After Addictions.


Three-part of Disease 


1- Physical.

2- Mental.


3- Social (Spiritual).


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Where there is will there is way.Recovery has zero tolerance.Recovery is primary is first priority of an architect.Ones in addictict is always an addict.God never late.

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Rehabilitation Centre