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"Awareness Foundation run by Awareness De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, located in New Delhi, is NCR's premier rehab centre for alcohol and drug de-addiction treatment and psychosomatic disorders. The primary focus of the treatment is towards detoxification, de-addiction, neuro linguistic programming and behavioral changes in the patients. The center is approved by the Mental Health Program of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of UP. While we cater to patients from across India, we also offer home pick-ups and drops for patients in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram and the whole of Uttar Pradesh, himachal Pradesh, Hariyana, Muradabad, Almora, Haldwani, Bihar, Punjab."

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The characteristic history of Habit includes repetitive cycles of Backslide and Recuperation. In later a long time, Specialists have started recognizing that Compulsion could be a sensible but persistent illness, a bit like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension. Since it may be a inveterate, Backsliding Malady, But Backslide is the portion of Recuperation. The treatment isn't as it were one way. Numerous more way to exit the Enslavement. As per America (Joined together States) 1956 & WHO this Malady is restoratively F9 categorize "Executioner" Illness approx. since 1964. After utilizing Drugs (liquor). Our brain discharge the Dopamine Poison as per Doctor's supposition. He is Appreciate After Addictions.

Our main motive is to provide awareness to people about alcoholism, drugs and other addictions. We Basically Provide public awareness programme among all levels of society about the full level those with alcohol and drug use disorders and other health conditions. The drinking of alcohol that results in mental, physically and Health Condition. We provide metal, physical and spiritual, Social Programme. Denial is a tendency of not acceptance and relapse is a part of recovery in the programme.

we focus on 12 step programme and the origion is Minnesota in the U.S. worlds most effective recovery programme. As a result we have noticed that most of the persons who have been in this programme have recovered and living a happy life. our first priority is to make patient comfortable, As we have seen so many places where they lack with facilitys like type of food offered to the patients and proper residental facility, proper beds, pilows and bedsheet, proper ventilation, dirty place where the patients have to stay and all other basic daily needs, basically we totaly focus on all those points where the other organisation lack. We want that who so ever stays in the organisation should be comfortable and relaxed and should be provided with the basic need which the patient requires.

addict needs a love, care & concern, should be not be punishment. He/She not be a bad person instant he is suffering chronic disease and there is a lack of disease awareness and the disease it cannot be finished but it can be cured by one day at a time. every adict says that i will have it today but not from tomorrow but as we have seen it dose not happen in reality but what we have to do is by the help of perfect connsuling we have to change his mentality that we will have it tomorrow not today, days to months and months to year and so on. with the help of shairing we can discous our problems and solution and the problems he is facing while recovery. if one recovering adict suffering from alcohol helps other addict with safetys they there is a chance of 98% improvement that they come under recovery.

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