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Alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder that affects the individual’s health and social life. The most common symptoms of alcohol addiction are tolerance, withdrawal, and the inability to limit the amount of drinks consumed. Alcoholism is a medical disease which can be treated by various methods, such as medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of methods. Studies have shown that holistic treatment for alcoholism is more effective than conventional treatments with low success rates. Being the most reliable Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad, Awareness De Addiction helps the addicts recover from their addictions and become a happy individual.

Loneliness, addiction, and mental health issues can all lead to drug abuse. The Awareness De Addiction is a leading rehab center in Ghaziabad that specializes in the treatment of addiction. We provide our clients with individualized therapy, customized aftercare programs, and evidence-based treatments for addiction.

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What We Treat

12-step Programme

A majority of people suffer from drug addiction. It’s a severe concern that may end up with depression and sometimes mental health challenges. Thus, recovery from addiction is essential. At Awareness Rehab, we help addicts get rid of their alcohol addictions with our 12-step programme.

It’s a customised program that encourages participants to understand the root cause of their addictions, talk openly about their past traumas, and learn to live a life that’s in their control, not in any addiction.


Many people can have difficulty quitting drugs as their past traumas stop them. At Awareness Rehab, we follow a unique approach towards de-addiction. We do believe in getting rid of the addiction from an individual’s physical state. However, we believe that an individual can walk on the path of recovery only its complete recovery, i.e. body, mind, soul. Thus, our de-addiction process helps people live healthier lives by providing them with the necessary help. The centre aims at treating people that suffer from long addictions and helping them take small steps towards a healthy life.

Relapse Preventions

Most addictions are not able to cope with their recovery sessions. Most of them start facing withdrawal symptoms initially, while some experience them during the final stage. It’s obvious to face relapse situations. Being the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad, we understand that it’s difficult for an addict to avoid such a situation.

We understand that each individual has their own traumas, and the reasons behind their addictions are different. Thus, at Awareness Rehab, we provide each individual with needed support, care, attention, and treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.

Emotion Regulation & Mindfulness

At Awareness De Addiction, we offer customised treatments depending on the needs of the individuals. Our programs include different therapies, counselling sessions, exercise, and essential routine activities that help gain confidence. The centre follows a unique treatment method, which involves meeting with a patient and suggesting appropriate treatment after assessing their condition.

An expert team of professionals conducts an extensive medical examination, psychiatric and psychosocial assessment during the screening. This session helps in determining how the program can best accommodate your needs.

Yoga & Meditation

Awareness De Addiction provides relapse prevention opportunities as part of their continuing rehabilitation with several forms of aftercare. A greater emphasis is placed on care, treatment, and guidance for addicts at this facility. It includes many therapies to reduce drug-seeking behaviour and teaches preventive skills and coping mechanisms.

Our holistic treatment includes physical therapy, meditation, yoga and acupuncture among others. Being the most trusted Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad, Awareness Rehab provides holistic treatment for alcoholism with a high success rate.

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If you someone struggling with addiction and willing to get rid of it, bring them to the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ghaziabad. You can make a difference in their life by helping them get rid of alcohol, drugs, or whatever their addiction is. The Awareness De Addiction is India's top Rehab Center in Ghaziabad. We provide world-class treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. We aim at ensuring our clients will have fast and life-long recoveries.